We pride ourselves on providing a fast, effective service designed to handle most budgets and needs from the professional investor, the home-owner wishing to move to pastures new, through to the householder desiring a makeover and falling in love with their home all over again.


Selling, renting or re-styling a property isn't as easy as the TV. programmers suggest, so if you need friendly and clear advice that will make your life easier when it comes to interiors, give me a call and I am confident that whatever your budget, my team will be able to help you.


Staging is all about neutralizing the owner's tastes and creating an aspirational environment for a potential buyer to view and hopefully fall for. Buying a property is very much an emotion purchase as opposed to the logical decision, we think we are making.


There's a deep psychology behind our desire to own a particular property, so staging is about design, creativity, understanding why and what people buy and then achieving the look on a budget.







Want to know more? Visit me at: www.facebook.com/HouseMedicInteriors/

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